DIY Bringing it together with Autumn Leaves


Bringing it together with Autumn Leaves

Course Dates: Open-ended
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approx   USD55,  AUD83,  GBP43

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. 

What do I get in this course?

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step written instructions and exercises, consolidating the techniques learned in the first two courses in a different context and extending with new techniques.
  • Video demonstrations of techniques.
  • Access to my private Facebook group where students can chat, upload drawings and become part of an inspiring and supportive online creative community. I check in regularly.
  • Opportunity for feedback and support via email. 



What Do I Learn?

  • To apply the techniques and strategies you learned in the first two courses in a real context; i.e. achieving light, mid and dark tones wet on dry and wet on wet with simple autumn leaf shapes.
  • Leaf shapes are more complex and specific than squares and I show you how to work with the paint by adjusting the consistency and amount of liquid on the brush and the pressure you are applying.
  • To layer with dark tones to achieve colour accents, shadows and shapes that you can control i.e. they stay where you put them and dry with the same depth of colour. One of the most disappointing things for watercolourists is painting deep, luscious colours, only to have them dry lighter and washed out. I give you concrete ways to achieve the results you want.
  • To paint in very fine shapes with confidence i.e. veins on your leaves.
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