DIY Line Drawing for absolute beginners


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How Does This Course Work?

I have designed this course so you can do it yourself. I have taught the material to hundreds of students in face to face classes, and based on my years of experience in the real world, have tailored this to suit your needs as a DIY beginner drawer. As you learn to draw you also discover simple mindfulness techniques to help you relax and optimise your results. If you need extra help, you can email me and I’ll sort it out.

“Kimbra is such a lovely person and generous teacher. I love how Kimbra makes sure you are comfortable and understand all the topics. She is very gentle and was only too happy to give explanations as often as I needed them. I enjoyed the course and am happy with what I achieved.”

What Do I Get?

  • Simple Mindfulness techniques to help you relax and optimise your learning. Mindfulness enables creativity.
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and exercises that show you how to draw.
  • Pictures drawn by me for you to copy.
  • Video demonstrations of techniques.
  • Email access to feedback and support.
  • Access to my private Facebook group where you can interact with other students and become part of an online art community.


What Do I Learn? 

  • I show you how to see and draw contours around objects. Contour is the art word for line. If you can see and record the contour as it really is, with all its unique bumps, dips and corners, then you can draw the object. Imagine you’re driving a car along a road; you go over bumps, up hills, into dips, down hills and round corners. It’s exactly the same with drawing; the contour or outline you’re seeing, say, around a flower or a bird, is like a road. It has bumps, dips, ups and downs and corners i.e. shifts in direction and you just go along them, up and down and round them just as you would if you were riding a bike!
  • I show you how to activate the eyes of your right hemisphere which sees everything, just as it really is. It’s quite simple to access; all you have to do is slow down! What could be better than having a mental rest? You relax, calm down and are able to see visual information i.e. the outline around a bird, a plane, Super-woman!

 “The amazing thing this course is doing for me, is teaching me to see! I walk the gardens here at Parkward almost every day. It now takes me about five times as long because I keep stopping to marvel at the contours of the plants and I have noticed that each duck in the flock has different colours and patterns on its feathers. It is beautiful. Thank-you Kimbra.”

  • Discover the secrets of proportion with a skill used by artists called sighting and learn to draw realistically.

“Yay, I’m so impressed I managed to draw this…never thought I could.”

“Kimbra is a wonderful teacher, she has so much compassion.”

Everyone can learn to draw, including you!



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