DIY Perspective for Beginners


Perspective for Beginners

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I was taught perspective several times and I didn’t really get to grips with it till I came to teach it. It can feel very complex but I’ve simplified it for you, paired it down to the basics without losing any of the fundamental principles. It’s very doable and very rewarding.

Understanding perspective is highly empowering for anyone who wants to draw and paint. It’s so satisfying to draw authentic buildings and include them in your artwork. This course has been designed to give you a basic knowledge of why boxes and buildings in perspective i.e. moving away from the eye, appear the way they do.  Understanding the principles enables you to include simple, credible structures in your drawings and paintings.


How Does This Course Work?

1.      You work at your own pace and in your own time.

2.      You may email me for feedback and clarification if you need to.


What Do I Get?

1.      There are 5 units in the course including an introduction.

2.      There is a video containing the same material as the notes, with drawings you can follow step by step.


What Do I Learn?

1.      You learn how to draw a box in one, two and three point perspective and gain an understanding of when, why and how to apply them.

2.      You take a box and turn it in to a simple house with a peaked roof, doors and windows.

3.      You learn how to find the middle of a square straight on and the middle of a square turned away from the eye i.e. in perspective. This is very empowering as it enables you to find the middle of a peaked roof in perspective and get it right!

If you’re reading this it’s because you have an interest, yearning or passion for more understanding of the way things look – honour that aspect of yourself that leads to a growth mind-set.  Take this first step towards growing your understanding of the amazing world of perspective. Learn once and for all how to get it right!.




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