Interactive Tone Drawing for Absolute Beginners


Interactive Tone for Absolute Beginners

Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
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approx   USD129,  AUD168,  GBP92

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

What do I get in this course?

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and exercises that show you how to draw.
  • Pictures drawn by me for you to copy.
  • Video demonstrations of techniques.
  • One free email to me, where I can respond to questions.
  • Access to my private Facebook group where you can interact with other students and become part of an online art community.


What Will I Learn?

  • Simple mindfulness techniques to optimise your learning.
  • How the two hemispheres of your brain, the right and the left process information. The right is more perceptual and creative, whilst the left is more verbal and analytical. I will show you how to activate them to maximise your potential.
  • To see tone or shading on objects and how this capacity enables you to draw realistically.
  • To create the illusion of light and shadow with shading techniques; how to hold the pencil in different ways to achieve different tones.
  • How to blend tones from dark to light.
  • The theory of light logic. Simple ways to understand the physics of light falling on objects.
  • Compositional techniques and strategies.
  • By the end of this course you will be able to draw a still life with three pieces of fruit in full tone.
  • You will be able to transfer these techniques to subjects of your choice.
  • Drawing consolidation. For those of you who haven’t done my “Drawing in Line for Absolute Beginners” I offer some drawing techniques. For those of you who have we consolidate and build on your skills.