Kimbra Taylor - art teacher at Artworks (online art courses)

At Artworks we show you how to draw, paint and find mindfulness.

I’m Kimbra Taylor, an artist, coach and facilitator living on the beautiful Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. I’m passionate about enabling  people from all walks of life and all ages to explore and develop their inherently creative nature. Paul Brady, my husband, manages the IT aspect of the business. We offer art classes and workshops in Kapiti and the Wellington region for absolute beginners and those with some experience, a range of online courses and WorksmART mindfulness+creativity workshops for businesses.

“Kimbra is an amazing art teacher. Her method has been life changing for my artwork. She helps you think differently while providing a meditative process which is so good for the soul.”

Art Classes

I show you how to activate the right hemisphere of your brain which enables you to learn to draw and paint. I provide a fun, safe, relaxing environment where you develop the skills and strategies used by professional artists. You discover simple mindfulness techniques to help you relax and optimise the process. Those with some experience are welcome; you will extend your skills and benefit from the inspirational group dynamic.

Online Courses

We have a range of online do-it-yourself and Interactive drawing and painting courses, which have the same content as the face to face classes. Everyone who signs up learns how to activate the right hemisphere of the brain which is ideally equipped for art. You receive encouragement, feedback, concrete tools and strategies and discover simple mindfulness techniques to help you relax during the process and maximise your results.

WorksmART Workshops

I run mindfulness + creativity workshops for businesses, where you open to the growth mindset in the right hemisphere of your brain and discover concrete stress reduction techniques, applicable to your personal and business lives. Through drawing you discover that the right hemisphere is connected to the intelligence of your heart; the seat of love and compassion. The heart is not only muscle, 60 – 65% of it’s cells are neuronal. Stanford and Oxford Universities state, “The heart is a state of intelligent consciousness.” Your right hemisphere is a conduit to the profound intelligence of your heart. No drawing experience required.

“In the past, jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in the future they’ll be about the heart.” Dame Minouche Shafik – Director, The London School of Economics and Political Science.


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