What is Neurographic?

Neurographic is an effective art modality open to everyone. Rapidly evolving and gaining popularity, it was developed and formalised by Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev in 2014.

Benefits of Neurogaphic;

One of the main benefits of Neurographica is that it provides you with direct access to your inner self. No need to talk, no need to verbally define anything, no need to share your emotions with anyone. As well as enabling creativity and profound satisfaction, Drawing Neurographica has many benefits.

• A universal code which is simple to understand and to master
• A non-verbal communication tool using your sub-conscious mind.
• Once mastered no supervision required.
• Useful for both personal and professional growth.
• A unique way to create an effective scenario for any life situation.
• Helps you to fine-tune communications of any kind.
• Keeps you motivated for a chosen task.
• An elegant method for manifesting your dreams into reality.

To gain the benefits we recommend you begin with a basic algorithm. Upcoming workshops will be listed on this website. You can also book an individual session.
Benefits of knowing your birth colour

– Mind body relaxation
– Evokes feelings of deep comfort and happiness
– Supports meditation and sleep
– Enables focus, clarity and creativity
– Calms the nervous system
– Aids pain management
– Optimises colour meditation
– Supports non medial healing of emotions

Basic colour theory;

Light falling on pigments creates colour;

Primary Colours

The primary colours are red, blue and yellow. All other colours are comprised of the three primaries in different combinations.

Secondary Colours

Secondary colours are formed by mixing two primary colours. There are three secondary colours; orange, green and violet.

Tertiary Colours

Tertiary colours are combinations of primary and secondary colours. There are six; red-orange, yellow orange, yellow green, blue green, blue violet and red violet.

Neutral Colours;

Neutral colours are combinations of the three primaries and include the range of greys, browns, deep blue and black. They are less intense than the purer colours and provide a soft space for the others to shine.


Date; 23rd March 2019

Location; 3 Jade Lane, Paraparaumu

Time; 10 – 4pm

Cost; $185 per person, Kapiti Now members $175, early bird $170 till 10th March

Limited spaces

Morning and afternoon tea provided, bring your own lunch


Corinne; 027 246 4488

Kimbra; 04 9021656