Face2Face Classes


Teaching people how to draw and paint is one of my great pleasures, I love passing on my passion and watching complete beginners transform and become highly competent. I teach simple mindfulness techniques to help you relax and calm the apprehension that sometimes arises when you embark on a new project. I support you to embrace what you perceive as failure, as an intrinsic and beneficial part of the learning process. I am always positive and encouraging, whilst showing you how to keep moving forward step by step.

“Thank-you for your drawing class. I love how you teach with mindfulness, which slows one down and I come away astounded that I have drawn something and totally relaxed. Best two hours of my week.”

I run multiple face to face painting and drawing classes in Kapiti and in Wellington, including a new beginners class starting in the first term of 2019, intermediate classes and classes for students who have been attending Artworks for several years and have reached an advanced level. I run a new beginners class every two years, so if you are a complete beginner and would like to learn to draw, you are welcome to email me and join a waiting list. If you have some drawing experience and would like to join Artworks, email me and we can arrange to meet up and discuss which class will best meet your needs.

The face to face course content is the same as the online courses, outlined on the courses page. You begin with simple mindfulness techniques enabling you to make the shift to your right hemisphere, which being primarily visual, is ideally equipped for drawing. You move on to simple line drawings and then explore tone (shading) and colour. Once you have a grasp of the fundamentals and are able to activate your right hemisphere, there is a range of topics available to you, including; fruit and vegetables, containers, still life, birds, landscape, portraits and perspective. Having an understanding of the basics, enables you to draw whatever you like!

Over time you have the opportunity to cover a range of mediums, including graphite pencils, coloured pencils, pen and wash and watercolour. I teach different styles from highly finished to loose and expressive. The class environment becomes a collegial, supportive environment where you are free to explore and grow.

“I never thought I could draw or was creative till I met Kimbra. Her talent for teaching, her encouragement, enthusiasm and patience led me on a journey of discovery and enjoyment that I couldn’t have imagined at the beginning. I can thoroughly recommend taking the plunge whatever your age or ability.”

I’m passionate about enabling people to access their creative aspect and I’m completely confident in the process! You can check out my blogs for more information or email me.

Classes For Term 1 & Term 2 2019


TERM 1; 4th Feb – 15th April; 10 – 12 noon and 7 – 9pm
TERM 2; 29th April – 8th July *Queen’s Birthday 3rd June – no class 10 – 12 noon and 7 – 9pm


TERM 1; 5th Feb – 16th April; 10 – 12 noon and 1 – 3pm
TERM 2; 30th April – 2nd July 1 – 3pm


TERM 1; 13th Feb – 17th (24th) April; 10 – 12 noon (Waitangi day 6th Feb)
TERM 2; 1st May – 3rd July 10 – 12 noon


TERM 1; 14th Feb – 11th April 1 – 3pm


TERM 1; 8th Feb – 12th April; 1 – 3pm
TERM 2; 3rd May – 5th July; 1 – 3pm


These can be purchased at Warehouse Stationary or Paper Plus stores.

An A4 pad of cartridge paper or A4 visual diary – I recommend Bockingford cartridge, which comes in a variety of sizes and is a high quality paper used by professional artists. Visual diaries are a cheaper option and are fine for our purposes, I use visual dairies for class demonstrations and Bockingford for my own work. If you go for a visual diary make sure you choose one with cartridge paper that has a ‘tooth’ or fine texture. Some visual diaries have smooth paper which is ineffective for graphite.

2B and 4B graphite pencils (often known as lead pencils) – One of each is fine to begin with. As you move on, you will discover a wide range of art pencils. Graphite pencils are made up of clay and graphite (a charcoal like substance). I recommend the dark green Faber Castell artist pencils, they have a higher content of graphite than the student brand (red and black or blue and black stripes).

Artist quality white rubber – Faber Castell is a quality brand and available in all art departments.


Folder – I recommend you keep all your drawings and store them in a folder. This becomes a wonderful record of your development.

Artworks Terms and Conditions

The fee for one two hour session is $26 which makes the term fee $260 for ten weeks.

You pay up front for the term, or in five week slots of $130.

Because I run multiple classes I have a make-up option for people who miss classes during their paid term. This means that if you miss classes in term one on your selected term day i.e. Monday, you are welcome to make up that class on any other day in term one i.e. Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. Make-up classes do not carry over into the following terms.

If you have travel plans during the term and would like to attend classes before or after your trip, I offer a casual rate of $35 per session. For example,

a) If you are traveling for 5 weeks out of a ten week term, and wish to attend class for the remaining 5 weeks – pay the half term block of $130.

b) If you are traveling for 3 weeks out of 10 and wish to attend class for the remaining 7 weeks – pay the half term block of $130 plus 2 x casual sessions at $35 per session.

c) If you are traveling for 6 weeks or more – pay the casual rate of $35 per session till end of term and/or do make-up classes.

I also have private sessions available for Artworks students who would like to catch up missed classes on a one to one basis, at the reduced rate of $110.00 per hour. You make rapid progress one to one.
To summarise;

Per two hour session – $26

Per ten week term – $260

Per five weeks – $130

Casual rate – $35 per two hour session

Private session for Artworks students – $90 per hour

Make-ups apply only in the term you have missed classes.

Private Classes

I offer private one on one classes to anyone who is not a current student, at any stage in their artistic development at the full cost of $120 per hour. There is also a block booking option, where you can buy a three week slot for $310, a five week slot for $470 and if you want to carry on after that on a weekly basis the fee is $80 per hour. You make rapid progress in a one to one environment, where you have my 100% attention and the content is tailored specifically for your requirements.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me.