You Can Change Your Perspective

We all have our own perspective or view on life, your perspective is completely unique to you, no one else sees things exactly the way you do. In the art … Read More

Multi-tasking or Uni-tasking?

As I was bustling about this morning, attending to household chores with one ear on the radio, I heard snippets of an interview about multi-tasking. I can remember a time, … Read More

The Artist as a Scientist

In a way the artist is also a scientist. Scientists and artists both experiment. As an artist, even though I have qualifications and years of experience, I often feel when … Read More

Drawing Birds From Life?

Recently I spent the day with my sister at Zealandia. I’ve painted birds and drawn them in coloured pencils from photographs, but drawing birds from life?! I’ve wanted to draw … Read More

What is your brain’s best guess?

I recently listened to a Ted talk by Anil Seth, Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex – that’s a heck of a title! He invites … Read More