I Can Draw Birds

I can draw birds, but not with my left hemisphere. It supports the process; it doesn’t drive it.

The left hemisphere is attracted to tools.

I’m attracted to tools – I have my own hammer. It’s not as heavy as Paul’s. I can feel the weight of his…let the hammer carry the weight, come from the shoulder, not the wrist. Same with a pencil and brush!

I am fascinated by the gleaming row of electric saws and drills at Mitre 10 and am comfortable with plyers, screw drivers and the pruning saw.

I use craft knives for cutting paper and cardboard. They have a long, internal blade with scored divisions so you can break off segments to maintain a sharp edge. For years I used to press on the knife till the segment snapped – a scary and dangerous procedure!! Sometimes the bit snapped easily and dropped onto the surface underneath it (usually a chopping board), other times I would strain and push down becoming progressively more stressed as the blade bent and wobbled under my weight.

Once (or twice) it snapped and shot away and I couldn’t find it. There’s a sharp piece of metal somewhere on the floor, so help me god.

The day dawned when Paul saw me in my blade snapping mode and said (with great steadiness, I thought), “I can show you how to do that with a pair of plyers.” Men seem to know these things.  What a pleasure it is for me to snap off those ends with that miraculous tool; easily, everytime!!

I appreciate tools…and drawing tomtits. Everyone can learn to draw tomtits with their right hemisphere.

The human brain may have been a good system in the Serengeti, because it enabled our survival by keeping us safe from sabre toothed tigers and people we didn’t agree with.

  • “I must keep away from that cliff edge, I might fall off and kill myself.”
  • “I did that job really well, I feel proud and confident.”
  • “That tree is taller than this one.”
  • “That was a very informative documentary.”
  • “I can’t paint birds.”

But depending on the individual it can be over zealous;

  • “That man/woman is a fool and I must make sure I keep away from her/him.”
  • “You can’t have that, it’s mine. Go away.”
  • “This is my territory.”
  • “If you come over onto my territory, I will kill you!”
  • “I can’t paint birds. I should give up now before someone finds out.”
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